Red (digital painting)

Red (digital painting)

In Her Eyes

In Her Eyes (18×24 inches, mixed media on paper)


Hurricane (18×24 inches, mixed media on paper)

Sometimes I feel BLUE

Sometimes I feel BLUE (18X24, watercolor & oil pastels)

Retired Mermaid

Retired Mermaid (18×24 inches, watercolor on paper)

Peace of mind

PEACE OF MIND (18×24 inches, mixed media on paper, framed) Artwok exhibited in Swainsborough, GA  by gallery RFD during January 2009


SOCIETY (mixed media- pastels, watercolor, colored pencils on paper) My view over society.


EMPTY (18×24 inches, watercolor on paper, framed)

You Tattooed My Soul

YouDAYDREAM (22×30 inches, framed, watercolor on paper)  Artwork exhibited at Nude Nite Art Show,Tampa FL,  Feb 2009

Closed – newspaper collage

CLOSED (18×24 inches, newspaper collage)


Overwhelmed (22×30, news paper collage, framed) Artwork exhibited by Gallery RFD during January 2009, Georgia